Charging time calculation of rechargeable battery

Electronic enthusiasts provide charging time calculation for rechargeable batteries and formula for calculating battery charging time.

Formula for calculating battery charging time:
Charging time (min) = battery capacity *1.2/ current (mA) * 60
The above calculation method is not suitable for new batteries. Generally speaking, the first three charges of new batteries, especially nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, the standard charge at about 15 hours (0.1C), in order to maximize the battery life. Later, the battery charging time can be calculated according to the above method.

Parameter input

Battery capacity mAh
Charging flow mA
Charging loss estimation %
Result output
The battery takes the longest time. Hour Minute
Estimated charging time

How long should the battery be charged before it is full? Many friends worry that time is not enough, battery power is not enough, and may shorten the battery life; too long, and may damage the battery. How long will it take to recharge? The following is a brief introduction and design of a simple calculator based on the following theory.
Most of the battery capacity is marked on the battery, in milli ampere, the larger the value, the greater the capacity. For example, 1000mAh means that if the battery is discharged at a current of 1200 mA, it will take about an hour to discharge. At the same time, the charger generally also has charging current, the same as milli ampere.

In this way, the battery charging time can be simply calculated by dividing the battery capacity by the charging current, and considering the loss due to heating and other factors during the charging process, usually the experiential loss range is between 10% and 40%.