MSP430 microcontroller UART register

The following is an online calculator of the MSP430 microcontroller UART register, which can be used to calculate the baud rate selection registers UxBR1 and UxBR0 of the baud rate generator, adjust the value of the control register UxMCTL, and the 12Bit error percentage.

Asynchronous clock: KHz
Baud rate: KHz
Number (including start, check, stop)   (<13)

UxMCTL (Modulation register)
UxBR0 (Baud rate LSW)
UxBR1 (Baud rate MSW)

Error percentage

Bit 0
Bit 1
Bit 2
Bit 3
Bit 4
Bit 5
Bit 6
Bit 7
Bit 8
Bit 9
Bit 10
Bit 11
Bit 12